machinery health monitoring, condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, online monitoring, route based data collection



root cause analysis of machine failure , damaged bearing, PeakVue, turbo machinery monitoring



Modal test, ODS test, spectrum analysis, rotor balancing, computed order tracking, filtered unfiltered orbit, octave spectrum, raw data recording, NVH test, damaged bearing signal analysis



About Benstone Instruments
Established in 1998, Benstone Instruments is specialized in dynamic signal measurement and processing.  We use our core technology to build state-of-the-art instruments and provide comprehensive solutions to fix our customers' sound and vibration problems, increase product quality and improve the reliabiltiy of their machines.  Benstone instruments has grown to become a leading supplier in two product segments:

Test & Measurement: We provide world-leading portable dynamic signal analyzers for advanced sound and vibration measurements in the field; and a 4-128 channel PC based dynamic signal analyzer for higher channel count applications.    This product line provides convenient yet powerful solutions for conducting NVH testing, Modal Testing, ODS testing, vibration diagnosis, off-shore vibration measurements, floor vibration monitoring and more.

Condition Monitoring:  To prevent from unscheduled shut-down and increase the reliability of your critical machines, we provide online and route-based  monitoring systems with innovation designs, help to understand the health condition of your machines and provide comprehensive tools for root cause diagnosis of machine failure.  


New introduction videos for the vPod, vPod Lite and vPod II vibration meters

New introduction videos for the vPod, vPod Lite and vPod II vibration meters
Benstone Instruments released some videos on Youtube for introducing our vPod family of smart vibration meters. This vPod family includes the basic model vPod Lite, the standard model vPod and the advanced model vPod II. Please also check the new product pages.

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impaq Elite, impaq Pro and Fieldpaq II Portable Sound & Vibration Analyzers, Dynamic signal analyzer, FFT, Octave, Order Tracking, Raw data recording

Benstone Test & Measurements

Portable Sound & Vibration Analyzers

4-128 channel PC based Sound & Vibration Analyzers, dynamic signal analyzer

Benstone Test & Measurements

PC based Sound & Vibration Analyzers

Route based condition monitoring system

Benstone Condition Monitoring

Route based condition monitoring system

condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, VP5, MP5, vPod Pro,  vibration data collector, vibration analyzer, ODS test, bump test, Modal test, field balancing, CSI 2140,  SKF Mocrolog, Vibxpert, adash, Fluke, coco-80X

Benstone Condition Monitoring

Vibration data collectors and Analyzers

vibration protection system, overall vibration monitoring, 4-20mA output, relay output

Benstone Condition Monitoring

Protection and overall level monitoring system

Vibration meter

Benstone Condition Monitoring

Vibration Meters