Core technology and product development

Benstone Instruments specializes in dynamic signal measurements and processing.  

Test & Measurement: We integrate state-of-the-art digital signal processing (
DSP) technology with embedded systems to create easy-to-use, advanced multi-functioned portable analyzers for in-field measurements. For large channel count applications we developed Novian, a powerful 4~128 channel sound and vibration analysis system to meet a wide variety of measurement requirements in test and measurement applications.

Condition Monitoring: Monitor critical machinery with iSee route based and iSee on-line software. We have also developed a series of VimoNet (vibration-monitoring-networked) instruments for a variety of on-line monitoring applications. These advanced measurement systems have real-time DSP processing, networking capability, wireless, edge and cloud computing capability.  

impaq Elite, impaq Pro, fieldpaq II: portable sound and vibration analyzers, dynamic signal analyzer   

Novian: PC based 4-128 channel sound and vibration analyzer