Route Based Condition Monitoring, predictive maintenance, vibration analyzer, vibration data collector

Prevent costly unscheduled shutdown & reduce your maintenance cost

Route Based Condition Monitoring,

Online condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, machine health, vibration monitoring, bearing failure, unscheduled shut down

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Online Machine Condition Monitoring

turbomachine vibration analysis, orbit, filtered orbit, bode plot, polar plot, shaft centerline, gap, start-up, coast-down,

Orbit, Shaft Centerline, Bode Plot, Polar Plot and mroe

Turbomachine Vibration Analysis


91 sets of vPod Pro shipped today
The 91 sets of vPod Pro vibration data collector are shipped today (30 June, 2020). Congratulations to this largest steel factory in southern Taiwan for their smart choice.

Brand new Smart Vibration Meter vPod Pro released
Benstone Instruments released new vibration meter vPod Pro. Its innovative design allows you to simultaneously measure vibration values, bearing condition and temperature at the same time; Optional spectrum analysis function and route-based measurement function for a large amount of data collection. The lens on the back allows you to add a photo taken on-site as a note when storing data. In addition, vPod Pro supports Bluetooth headset for listening to the vibration signal.

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TurboStar Released
Benstone released TurboStars, a powerful system which measures many important functions, such as Bode plot, polar plot, orbit, filtered orbit and the shaft centerline (and more), providing necessary information to engineers who conduct analysis on the turbomachines.

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iSee online condition monitoring system released
iSee online adopts the concepts and technology of “industry 4.0 smart factory,” by continuously monitoring critical machines to prevent costly unscheduled shutdowns. iSee online manages the installed VimoNet hardware modules by collecting important parameters of rotating machines through cable or wireless network. No limit on number of users with browser viewable data on Android, IOS or PC Platform. Optionally, OPC and Modbus servers make it possible to share archive data to an enterprise database or DCS system for further data processing/ applications

Route based condition monitoring system

Benstone Condition Monitoring

Route based condition monitoring system

iSee online condition monitoring system

Benstone Condition Monitoring

Online condition monitoring system

Turbomachinery vibration analyzer, orbit, filtered orbit, shaft centerline, Bode plot, polar plot

Benstone Condition Monitoring

Turbomachinery Vibration Analysis system

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Benstone Condition Monitoring

Vibration data collectors and Analyzers

vibration protection system, overall vibration monitoring, 4-20mA output, relay output

Benstone Condition Monitoring

Protection and overall level monitoring system