Portable analyzers, field balancing, FFT, Order tracking, raw data recording, route based data collector

Built for advanced sound and vibration measurements in the field

Portable sound & vibration analyzers

PC based Sound & Vibration analyzer: , FFT, Order Tracking, Octave Modal test ODS test NVH

Raw data recording, playback, FFT, Octave and Order Tracking analysis

4-128 channel sound & vibration analyzer


impaq Elite, impaq Pro and Fieldpaq II Portable Sound & Vibration Analyzers, Dynamic signal analyzer, FFT, Octave, Order Tracking, Raw data recording

Benstone Test & Measurements

Portable Sound & Vibration Analyzers

4-128 channel PC based Sound & Vibration Analyzers, dynamic signal analyzer

Benstone Test & Measurements

PC based Sound & Vibration Analyzers