TAF Calibration lab

In order to provide the best calibration quality of your vibration transducers and meters, Benstone Instruments has built a complete calibration lab in our factory in Taiwan.  The calibration procedures of this lab conforms to ISO 16063-21, and the quality management conforms to ISO 17025.  Our calibration lab has passed the TAF certification in 2014 (Lab No. 3456) and can provide you with TAF certificated calibration reports as an option.

Note: TAF (The Taiwan Accreditation Foundation) is the only body in Taiwan recognized by Government for the accreditation of conformity assessment against international standards.  The calibration reports issued by a TAF calibration lab is mutually recognized by BIPM members, including 60 countries and 73 accreditation organizations worldwide.

Taf certified calibration lab  Taf certified calibration lab