Portable analyzers, field balancing, FFT, Order tracking, raw data recording, route based data collector

Built for advanced sound and vibration measurements in the field

Portable sound & vibration analyzers

PC based Sound & Vibration analyzer: , FFT, Order Tracking, Octave Modal test ODS test NVH

Raw data recording, playback, FFT, Octave and Order Tracking analysis

4-128 channel sound & vibration analyzer


New distributor in India
We are pleased to announce that we have entered into an agreement with Structural Solutions Private Limited (SSPL) India. SSPL is appointed as our distributor in India for both Test & Measurement and Condition Monitoring product lines to provide our customers outstanding service and support.

First shipment of impaq Pro
12 units of impaq Pro now shipped to a major Korean electronics manufacturer! Congratulations to Mirae Ensys on Benstone's first sale of this brand new product!

Release Announcement: impaq Pro
impaq Pro is the next generation portable analyzer from Benstone Instruments. Quick specs overview: Windows 10, LCD display 1280x800 10.1” multi-touch colour screen, 4 analog channels and 1 tachometer channel (input), 1 analog channel/BNC connector (output), Quad-core 1.6MHz, USB memory stick/hard drive for external, 32G SSD and 128G SD card inside, IP65 rated seal, 24 bit sigma-delta A/D converter, and more…..

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impaq Elite and fieldpaq II support VC curves display on octave spectrum
When measuring floor vibration, impaq Elite and fieldpaq II can display the VC curves on the spectrum, providing real-time evaluation of the vibration severity in the field. Octave module users can download the new version Octave module from our website to get a free upgrade.

impaq Elite, impaq Pro and Fieldpaq II Portable Sound & Vibration Analyzers, Dynamic signal analyzer, FFT, Octave, Order Tracking, Raw data recording

Benstone Test & Measurements

Portable Sound & Vibration Analyzers

4-128 channel PC based Sound & Vibration Analyzers, dynamic signal analyzer

Benstone Test & Measurements

PC based Sound & Vibration Analyzers