Portable Sound & Vibration Analyzers

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impaq Elite handheld vibration analyzer Born for In-Field Testing
handheld vibration analyzer with Modular vibration analysis
handheld vibration analyzer with FFT Spectrum Analysis
handheld vibration analyzer with Computed Order Tracking
portable vibration analyzer with Octave Spectrum Analysis
portable vibration analyzer and Vibration Meter
portable vibration analyzer with Raw Data Recorder
portable vibration analyzer for field Rotor Balancing

impaq Elite: Born for In-Field Testing

The impaq Elite Portable Dynamic Signal Analyzer is a 4-channel, portable data collector and vibration analyzer built for advanced noise and vibration measurements in the field.  

● Ruggedized housing by a dual injection molding process
● Protective sealing to provide an IP65 rating
● Large 6.4-inch color VGA high resolution touch screen.  
● Powered by WinCE operating system
● 24-bit sigma delta AD converters
● Up to 40 kHz maximum bandwidth
● High-speed DSP for performing real-time signal analysis

Modular vibration analysis software for specific applications: 

● FFT spectrum analysis
● Octave spectrum analysis
● Dynamic balancing
● Vibration Meter
● Order Tracking
● Raw data recording

FFT Spectrum Analysis Module (optional)

The impaq Elite Portable Dynamic Signal Analyzer's powerful FFT program allows you to conduct cross-channel analysis such as FRF, coherence, and cross power spectrum required for modal, ODS testing or sound intensity measurements. Also supported is continuous spectral measurements and waterfall display, for proper analysis of varying speed machines.

 General vibration analysis
 Modal testing
 Sound intensity measurement
 Operational deflection shape measurement
 Bearing diagnosis

Computed Order Tracking module (optional)

Analyze the sound or vibration signals of a varying speed machines for NVH testing of vehicles or advanced vibration analysis of turbine machines. 

 Order spectrum
 Order traces
 Filtered or unfiltered orbits
 Gap reading
 Centerline of a shaft
 Waterfall plot or intensity map

Octave Spectrum Analysis Module (optional)

● Real-time digital filtering technology to generate octave, 1/3 octave or 1/12 octave spectrum.  
● Conforming to the IEC 61260 & IEC 61672 standards
● Suited for acoustic or vibration measurements in the field.

Vibration Meter Module (optional)

Time domain integration, filtering, and root mean square (RMS) calculations for accurate measurements of overall vibration levels. 

Raw Data Recorder Module (optional)

● Record raw data to the built-in compact flash card
● Computer playback and post processing, including FFT, order tracking and octave analysis

Rotor Balancing Module (optional)

Balance rotating machines in the field with industry leading balancing techniques:
 single plane
● dual plane
overhung dual plane
● 3 plane
4 plane 
3 weights 
Multiple-point balancing minimizes vibration in BOTH horizontal and vertical directions at the same time. 
Coast-down measurements for 1X vibration to identified the heavy spot with only one measurement, saving you time and money while increasing safety.