Online condition monitoring system

VimoNet on-line monitoring modules

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VimoNet X1 online vibration monitoring module
VimoNet X1, online vibration monitoring module
VimoNet X04, X08 online vibration monitoring module
Each VimoNet X1 is equipped with 2 Ethernet ports, with the Ethernet connection you may easily build up a wired or wireless network for monitoring your machines in real-time.
VimoNet X1 has a built-in DSP chip for processing signals in real-time rate.  The processed data of overall level can be converted into 0-10V or 4-20 mA DC output, connecting to a DCS or PLC system.
The VimoNet X1 has one tacho signal input and 5 relay outputs which are controlled by preset alarm levels.  With this feature, a VimoNet can work as a stand-alone instrument for continuous monitoring and protection purpose even there is no Network connected.

VimoNet X04 and X08 are 4 and 8 channel economical solutions with IEPE power and multiplex sequential circuits where real time monitoring is not required. Complete with bright LED’s (4 or 8) for IEPE status, and showing alarm status for each channel. 


VimoNet data acquisition modules are uniquely designed for easy configuration of your online condition monitoring system.  VimoNet can be used with or without a network connection, used as the data acquisition front end or deployed as a stand-alone data logger with relay and DC outputs.  Equipped with high-speed DSP processing chip, VimoNet can perform signal analysis and activate relay outputs should the monitored parameters raise to alarm level in real-time.