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Advanced balancing technology: use absolute phase angle to find out the heavy spot


During a typical field balancing, it is required to add or remove a trial weight to determine the balancing factors.  However, if the the initial vibration is already
at very high level, it would be dangerous if the trial weight is in an improper position.  The high vibration level would drive the structure to vibrate at non-linear
zones, and make the balancing factors inaccurate.  For such cases, you can try to find the location of the heavy spot with the initial vibration measurement.
With the measurement of "absolute vibration phase" during a coast down trace, you can find out the heavy spot easily.  And then you can put a trial weight
at the balancing position, which can reduce the vibration directly.  With this technique, you can make your balancing job safe and quick. The balancing programs
of Benstone Instruments' portable analyzers can measure the absolute vibration phases during a coast down process, show the result on a polar plot, and help
you to find out the heavy spot after the initial vibration measurement.  Please contact Benstone Instruments for more information.