Protection and overall level monitoring system

AccuGuard Machinery Health Monitoring System

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AccuGuard Machinery Health Monitoring System
AccuGuard Machinery Health Monitoring System displays Historical Vibration Data
AccuGuard Vibration Protection System for bearing condition monitoring

AccuGuard Continuous Monitoring System
• Shows the temperature and vibration levels, with bar charts, on a 2.8 color LCD
• Alarm status LEDs immediately indicate the status of your machines

Historical Vibration Data
AccuGuard can display the historical trend chart of the latest 500 points of data.

Vibration Protection System
Relay outputs make it possible to protect your machines when the monitored parameters reach critical levels.



AccuGuard Continuous Monitoring System

Introducing AccuGuard, a cost-effective vibration protection system for continuous monitoring of vibration, temperature and bearing conditions of rotating machines. 

AccuGuard machinery health monitoring and vibration protection system for bearing condition detection

The AccuGuard Continuous Monitoring System can be programmed to automatically shut down the machine or trip an alarm signal, should monitored parameters rise to dangerous levels. 
• Colorful 2.8” display shows real time information such as bar charts and LED indicators
• View historical trending charts or event recordings with a push of a button
• Can be used as a signal transmitter, providing 4-20mA outputs of monitored parameters for further applications, such as connection to a PLC or DCS

The AccuGuard Continuous Monitoring System acquires vibration and temperature signals at the same time, with specialized dual output sensors for comprehensive monitoring of your machine. For example, an AccuGuard Continuous Monitoring System can be paired with Wilcoxon 787T and 797T IEPE-type accelerometers with dual temperature signal output, as well as similar sensors from other accelerometer manufactures. 

Parameters Monitored

Safely monitor simultaneously up to six parameters of accurate protection:
• 2 vibration signals
• 2 temperature measurements
• 2 bearing conditions
The measured levels of these 6 parameters are then displayed. The signals can also be converted to 4-20mA output, for connection to your machine instrumentation or other applications.

Bearing Condition Monitoring

AccuGuard Continuous Monitoring System implements Benstone's  true-Peak detection for bearing condition monitoring. This method of tracking bearing condition enables early warning of bearing failures by detecting an earlier stage of bearing damage. This makes bearing condition monitoring effective on ultra-low-speed machines.  

Programmable Logic and Relay Outputs

Each AccuGuard system provides 4 relay outputs, which are controlled by user-selectable programmable logic. Simply select what condition(s) you want alarm levels to be set to from a menu list, and Accuguard will monitor and protect your investment.

PC Interface and Setup

Setting the measurement parameters of your AccuGuard Continuous Monitoring System is easy, using the built-in keypad or by downloading directly from your computer via the USB port. The user can then upload the stored trending data or event recordings to a PC for further analysis.