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vPod Smart Vibration Meter

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vPod Smart Vibration Meter
vPod bearing tester for early detection of bearing failure
vPod II Smart Vibration Meter and route-based vibration data collector
Complete vPod Vibration Meter Series

vPod is a microprocessor based smart vibration meter
• Measure vibration levels in acceleration, velocity, and displacement
• User-selectable vibration units and detection (rms, peak, peak-peak)
Display averaged or peak-hold vibration level
• Freeze the Display for easy reading
• Gain mode for precision measurement 

• Display vibration unit and detction on the LCD screen
• Automatically detect and display sensor and cable status with an icon
• Turn on screen backlight in dark environment
• Display battery indicator on the screen
• Adjustable sensor sensitivity when the sensor is changed
• Up to 36 hours continuous operation with a 9V battery
• IP65-rated housing
• CE mark 

The keypad of vPod Smart Vibration Meter
• Measure vibration in Displacement, Velocity and Acceleration
• Precision mode for resolution of 0.1 micro-meter
• Measure averaged data, peak-hold data
• Hold: freeze the display
• Power On/Off or backlight


vPod displays the cabling status with a simple icon

vPod smart vibration meter shows you the cabling condition with a simple icon
• Normal

• Wire break or sensor disconnected

• Short Circuit 
Prevent taking wrong data when the cabling is not in normal condition.

A complete vPod vibration meter kit comes with

• A hard carrying case
• A high quality IEPE accelerometer
A coiled cable
• A magnetic base
• A probe tip
• A soft carrying case
• An user manual




vPod Smart Vibration Meter Series

vPod is the standard model of the vPod family of Smart vibration meters, which are powered by microprocessor-based technology.  It can easily measure and conduct average or peak-hold the vibration levels, freeze the display and display the readings with user-selectable unit/detection. The battery charge indicator, screen backlight and sensor bias indicator are also standard feature.

For precision machines that have very low vibration levels, a precision reading with ultra-high resolution of 0.1 micrometer is available.  With this very unique feature, the vPod smart vibration meter has been widely used by precision machine tool industry.  

The vPod smart vibration meters can measure vibration levels in acceleration, velocity or displacement. The user-selected display presents the vibration data in their preferable units and detections. The vPod vibration meters come standard with a built-in 500 Hz high pass filter for bearing conditon measurements. This is significant because most roller element bearings' parts are located between 500 Hz - 20 kHz. This high pass filter is a proven bearing tester method for accurate detection of bearing failure.

vPod smart vibration meter vPod Smart vibration meter hold by a hand   vPod Pro smart vibration meter

Introduction to vPod the smart vibration meter

Sensitivity setting of the vPod sereies vibration meters

Change the display unit with the vPod vibration meter

The quietness of vPod smart vibration meter


Features of vPod smart vibration meter

● Battery charge indicator
● Input bias indicator 
● Backlit high-resolution LCD display
● Average, Peak hold, and freeze modes
● Selectable gain
● Bearing tester for accurate detection of bearing failure