Vibration Meters

vPod II Smart vibration meter

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vPod II smart vibration meter, the advanced model of the vPod family
vPod II IEPE bias detection
Display layout of vPod II vibration meter
vPod II vibration meter kit comes with complete accessories
vPod II has all the features of vPod Lite and vPod.  Moreover it can store up to 1000 sets of measured data.
vPod II detects the bias of IEPE power supply, and show you the cable condition with a simple icon.
The display layout of vPod II is similar to that of a vPod meter. It has an additional area for showing the point ID of saved data.
The vPod II vibration meter kit comes with complete accessories:

► Hard carrying case
► Soft carrying case
► The vPod Lite vibration meter
► 786A premium type accelerometer
► High strength dual pole magnetic base
► Coiled cable ended with Lemo 4 pin and Mil 2 pin connectors
► Detection spike probe
► User manual
► calibration sheet
► 9V battery


vPod II is the most advanced model of the vPod vibration meter family.  In addition to all the feaures of a standard vPod meter, a vPod II meter can store up to 1000 sets of vibration data. These saved data points can be recalled by entering the meter's REVIEW mode. Every vPod II comes with an USB interface program for downloading the saved data from memory to a PC for post analysis or report building. 

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