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vPod Lite Smart Vibration Meter

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vPod Lite Smart Vibration Meter
Layout of vPod Lite smart vibration meter
IEPE bias detection with vPod Lite Smart Vibration Meter
quick connect/disconnect probe tip of vPod Lite vibration meter
Unit and detection selection with vPod Lite vibration meter
vPod Lite vibration meter kit and accessories
vPod Lite: the basic model of the vPod family of Smart vibration meters

• Measure vibration levels in acceleration, velocity, and displacement
• User-selectable vibration units and detection (rms, peak, peak-peak)
• Display vibration unit and detction on the LCD screen
• Automatically detect and display sensor and cable status with an icon
• Turn on screen backlight in dark environment
• Display battery indicator on the screen
• Adjustable sensor sensitivity when the sensor is changed
• Up to 48 hours continuous operation with a 9V battery
• IP65-rated housing
• CE mark 
Layout of vPod Lite smart vibratin meter
► Measure vibration level in Displacement, Velocity or Acceleration
► Display data with big numbers, unit and detection
► Backlight of LCD screen
► Display cable condition and battery charge
► User selectable display unit and detection

vPod Lite displays the cable status with a simple icon

vPod Lite smart vibration meter shows you the cable condition with a simple icon
• Normal
• Wire break or sensor disconnected
• Short Circuit 
Prevent taking wrong data when the cable is not in normal condition.

Quick connect/ disconnect probe tip
Each vPod Lite's magnetic base  is specially designed to connect or disconnect a probe tip quickly in the field.  
User selectable display unit and detection

vPod Lite users can select a desired display unit and detection by pressing and holding a unit botton to scroll the built-in options.
Release the botton to confirm the selection. 
vPod Lite vibration meter kit 

► Hard carrying case
► Soft carrying case
► The vPod Lite vibration meter
► 786A premium type accelerometer
► High strength dual pole magnetic base
► Coiled cable ended with Lemo 4 pin and Mil 2 pin connectors
► Detection spike probe
► User manual
► calibration sheet
► 9V battery


vPod Lite is the basic model of the vPod family of Smart vibration meters.  Powered by the microprocessor, vPod Lite provides more useful features, yet is very simple and straight forward to use.  It measures vibration levels in displacement, velocity and acceleration units.  The selected unit and detection are shown on the screen, which makes it easy to read.

The battery charge indicator, screen backlight and sensor bias indicator are also standard features for vPod Lite.  

The vPod Lite kit comes with a premium type accelerometer made by Wilcoxon Reserch and provides you with very accurate and low noise measurment quality.
The high strength magnetic base is a standard accessory for securing high frequency measurements.  In case of a non-ferrous surface, the quick connect detection can by used to measure low frequency vibration.

A vPod Lite user can easily select the desired display unit and detection by pressing and holding a unit botton, then release the botton when the desired unit and detection shows up.
One can also input the sensitivity of the sensor easily by following the instructions on the manual.  This feature makes it easy to keep the accuracy of your meter after a sensor calibration or changing a new sensor.    

vPod Lite Smart Vibration Meter (Basic model)  vPod Lite basic smart vibration meter  vPod Lite vibration meter

Introduction to vPod Lite, the basic smart vibration meter

Sensivity setting with the vPod vibration meter sereis.

Change display unit with vPod vibration meter series.

The quietness of vPod vibration meter series.