Vibration data collectors and Analyzers

VP5 Vibration Data Collector

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Route based data acquisition and Vibration Analysis
Route based Portable Vibration Analyzer for Harsh Environments
VP5 4-channel Data Collector and vibration analysis
Advanced Field Dynamic Balancing Module
Rotor Balancing Locate Heavy Spots with Only 1 Measurement
Vibration Analysis of Bump Test and ODS Test Modules
Raw Data Recorder Module for Vibration Analysis
Vibration Data Collector with Computed Order Tracking Module

Advanced Machinery Condition Monitoring and Root Cause Vibration Analysis
VP5 is Benstone’s state-of-the-art, 4-channel portable vibration data collector and analyzer.

• Large 6.4” color, VGA high-resolution touch screen
• Powered by WinCE operating system
• 24-bit sigma delta AD converters
• Up to 40 kHz maximum bandwidth
• High-speed DSP for real-time signal analysis
Portable Vibration Analyzer for Harsh Environments
• IP65-rated housing
• Rugged housing made by a dual injection molding process
• CE mark
• IEC 60068-2-34 vibration test
• IEC 60068-2-27 shock test

VP5 4-channel Vibration Data Collector
Measures triaxial vibration signals, reducing man-hours in the field.

Advanced Field Balancing Module
VP5's field balancing module supports up to 4-plane rotor balancing.
For single- or dual-plane balancing, choose up to 4 measurement points for minimizing vibration levels in different directions and locations.
Locate Heavy Spots with Only 1 Measurement
VP5's advanced field balancing module can record the 1X trace during a coast-down process.
With this information you can locate the heavy spot of your rotor before the trial weight is added, saving rotor balancing time and increasing safety.

Bump Test and ODS Test Modules
Investigate structural resonance with the optional Bump Test Module. 
Complete modal testing is possible when combined with 3rd party software, like ME'Scope.

Raw Data Recorder Module 
The optional data aquisition program directly records raw vibration data to the built-in compact flash card. Post-processing of raw vibration data files, such as FFT, order tracking or octave analysis, can be done from the playback mode with Benstone’s computer-based Novian Dynamic Signal Analyzer Software.
Computed Order Tracking Module
The optional Computed Order Tracking Module is designed to analyze the sound or vibration signals of varying-speed rotating machinery.  Typical applications for this software module are NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) testing of vehicles and advanced vibration analysis of turbomachinery. 



VP5 Vibration Data Collector

VP5 is a 4-channel portable vibration data collector and handheld vibration analyzer powered by Microsoft Windows CE and state-of-the-art DSP technology. VP5's rugged housing is made from a high tech, dual-material injection process, consisting of hard ABS plastic (black) and soft TPR plastic (orange). VP5 also has rubber seals for IP65 protection in extreme weather and harsh environments. Equipped with VGA resolution color touch screen, VP5 brings you a state-of-the-art experience with in-field portable vibration analyzers.

  Data Collection and Recording
  Rotor Dynamic Balancing
  Computed Order Tracking
  Data Recorder
  Bump Test
  ODS test
VP5 Vibration Data Collector

Route-Based Data Acquisition

Combined with the powerful computer-based iSee predictive maintenance software, the field-proven VP5 portable vibration data collector is your best choice for route-based data acquisition.

 Simultaneous tri-axial measurements (x,y,z axes) save hours in the field
 Measures bearing fault signal via true peak detection on a high-pass filtered time waveform
 Sensitive and accurate readings of early-stage of bearing damage allow the user to track bearing damage development via a trending analysis feature in iSee predictive maintenance software
 Envelope spectrum measurement for confirming bearing damage is a standard feature
 Temperature and other process parameter measurements are supported  

VP5 route based data acquisition    VP5 vibration data   

 VP5 vibration data acquisition options   VP5 triaxial vibration data acquisition


Bump Test Module 

VP5’s optional and powerful Bump Test Module allows you to measure a structure’s frequency response frequency (FRF), coherence, and cross power spectrum functions. This useful vibration analysis software module helps investigate the resonance of a machine, enact structural reinforcement and reduce the vibration levels of a machine running at its resonance zone. Test data can be imported to a 3rd party software, such as ME’Scope, for further modal analysis to derive its modal shapes, natural frequencies and damping values. 

Note: VP5's bump test features are very similar to Benstone's impaq Elite portable vibration analyzer. See demonstration video above.

ODS Test module 

VP5’s optional Operational Deflection Shape (ODS) module allows you to conduct a measurement on a running machine and measure its FRF, coherence, and cross power spectrum functions.  With the reference vibration sensor connected to channel 1 and a triaxial vibration sensor connected to channels 2, 3, and 4, the VP5 vibration data collector saves you time in the field with real-time, 4-channel measurements.  By importing the test data to a 3rd party software, like ME’Scope, you can easily derive the operational deflection shapes of your machines at certain running speeds and use this information for structural reinforcement. 

Computed Order Tracking Module 

The optional Computed Order Tracking module is designed to analyze the sound or vibration signals of varying-speed machines. Typical applications for this capability are NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) testing of vehicles and advanced vibration analysis of turbine machines.  It accurately calculates the order spectrum, order traces, filtered or unfiltered orbits, gap reading and the centerline of a shaft during a start-up or coast-down process.  The VP5 Vibration Data Collector's order tracking algorithm performs digital re-sampling of the measured signal for ensure data accuracy.  The order spectrum data can be displayed on a waterfall plot or intensity map. Cut a slice or a trace of data from the waterfall plot and then examine the individual traces.  As shown in the figure below, the user can enter the geometric position(s) of the vibration sensor(s) to create a plot to display orbit and shaft centerline motion, which relates to the realistic behavior of a turbine machine.

VP5 computed order tracking   VP5 order spectrum data


Raw Data Recorder Module 

The optional Raw Data Recorder Module directly records raw time data to the built-in compact flash card.  For example, a 1 GB file will contain approximately three hours of continuous data with four channels recording at 2 kHz bandwidth.  Benstone's computer-based Novian Dynamic Signal Analyzer Software allows for playback and post-processing of raw data recorder files, such as FFT, order tracking or octave analysis. 

VP5 time wave form vibration data   VP5 4-channel vibration data collector

Rotor Balancing module

The optional Rotor Balancing Module is a field balancing software package for rotating machines that utilizes industry-leading rotor balancing techniques: single-plane, dual-plane, overhung dual-plane, 3-plane, 4-plane, and 3-weights balancing. This advanced software simplifies field  balancing of machines with a very high level of accuracy.  Now with multiple-point balancing, vibration is minimized in BOTH horizontal and vertical directions at the same time.  By enabling coast-down measurements for 1X vibration, the heavy spot is identified correctly with only one measurement, saving you time and money by eliminating the use of trial weights. It also eliminates safety concerns from placing the trial weights in the wrong location. 

VP5 rotor balancing module   VP5 field balancing   VP5 rotor balancing heavy spot vibration analysis

Demonstration video: How to locate the heavy spot before the trial weight is added.

Download the VP5 Vibration Data Collector brochure