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PC - iSee  2020-04-23
  • Added the function that the prompt message window "Insufficient resolution" or "DPI is not 100% value" is no longer displayed during software startup.
  • Fixed display velocity unit error in "Report - Last 12 Measurement". Fixed 1X Freq. and Freq.
  • Range errors when there is only one record in "Report-Last Measurement".
  • Added support for vPodPro to import multiple records during upload from the device.  2020-03-09
  • Fixed an issue where the Machine node disappeared when the vPod Pro database with the default "Machine" level of the previous version was automatically switched to the "Train" level.
  • Fixed a bug where the default import database was imported to the default level "Machine" instead of "Train" after importing vPod Pro routing to a new database.
  • Changed to add Alarm (ISO 10816-3 and Bearing) automatically when creating a new database
  • When generating a "route" using the vPod Pro database, the "train" name is automatically added before the "machine" name.
  • Added the function of editing Machine Node pictures.
  • Modified to display the database name (directory name) in the Database node in Database View.
  • Modified to use "device" as the vPod Pro hierarchy display picture when adding a new database.  2019-11-25  2019-10-01  2019-09-24  2019-06-03  2019-02-12  2018-08-08
1.2.13  2018-05-17  2018-05-03  2017-11-08  2017-10-26
1.2.6    2017-06-20
1.2.4    2017-05-17
1.2.3    2016-05-05
1.2.2    2016-03-07