Portable Sound & Vibration Analyzers

Fieldpaq II portable analyzer

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5 inch color touch screen makes it easy and intutive to operate.


♦Two BNC connectors on top for dual channel measurements.  
♦Use the LEMO 4 pin connector to extend the fieldpaq II to a 4 channel analyzer.
♦AUX channel provides signal input and power supply to a Benstone laser tacho sensor.

Store your data in the SD card and use USB connection to transferred data to a PC.

Optional 2 or 4 channel FFT module
Measures time waveform, Orbit, power spectrum, Cross power spectrum, complex spectrum, FRF, Coherence, PSD and Envelope spectrum
Optional balancing module:
fieldpaq II's balancing module supports up to 4 plane balancing.
For single or dual plane balncing, you can choose up to 4 measurement points for minimizing vibration levels in different directions and locations.
Optional Vibration Meter (VM) module
  • Measure overall vibration levels in displacement, velocity and acceleration
  • Measure Crest factor for detecting bearing failure
  • continuous recording over time or RPM



Fieldpaq II is a portable 4 channel real-time analyzer that is built for advanced noise and vibration measurements in the field.  For measurements in challenging environments, Fieldpaq II is manufactured with a ruggedized housing by a dual injection molding process and protective sealing to provide an IP65 rating.  

Fieldpaq II is equipped with a large 5 inch color (800 x 480 high resolution) touch screen.  The combination of Microsoft's powerful WinCE operating system and touch screen operation provides a user friendly and intuitive interface. 

Fieldpaq II acquires measurement signal with precision 24 bit sigma delta AD converters to provide a high dynamic range, up to 40 kHz maximum bandwidth.   Fieldpaq II is powered by a 800 MHz CPU for running the Windows CE system and the fastest commercially available DSP chip TI TMS320C6713B for performing signal analysis at extremely fast real-time rates.