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About Benstone

Benstone Instruments is a world leading company providing measurement solutions for sound and vibration problems.  We understand your needs and the challenge you face when taking sound and vibration measurements in different and many times harsh and inconvenient environments-- in a factory, on a ship or in the lab.

Benstone is here to help you solve your sound and vibration problems with the best measurement instruments in the industry and the necessary technical support.
We offer our customers state-of-the-art solutions with continuous improvements and innovation.  Find out how Benstone Instruments is advancing signal science.


Lifetime FREE Updates
When you purchase a portable sound and vibration analyzer from Benstone Instruments, you receive FREE lifetime firmware and software updates on modular software ordered.  No licensing fees – period.
Benstone Instruments released 24 bit version impaq Elite
Benstone Instruments officially released new impaq Elite which utilizes 24 bit A/D converters.  The new hardware design offers a very wide dynamic range and many convenient features.

1. 24 bit A/D converters
2. Built-in signal conditioner for tacho input, so that it can accept non-TTL type tacho signal
3. Battery hour increased by 70%
4. Audio output from from the 7 pin LEMO connector of channel 1.
5. 1M Ohm input impedance for all analog input channels.
Turbomachinery Pump Symposium - Houston, TX

September 13-15 2015 booth 2544

Come and learn more about our multichannel measurement system specifically designed for the power generation industry- Novian Star.  Novian Star is a cost effective yet powerful measurement solution for vibration, bearing condition, centerline motion, and ......  Also on display is our portable  4-channel vibration analyzers Impaq Elite and Fieldpaq II. We will also tell you about our Accuguard,  a cost effective solution for continuous monitoring of vibration, temperature and bearing conditions of a rotating machine.

Where: George R. Brown Convention Center, Houston, TX

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Technical paper:

Effect of Joint Stiffness on the Dynamic Performance of Machine Tool : This paper describes the approach of using frequency response function (FRF), power spectrum measurements and stability lobe diagrams (SLD) to clearly identify weak joint stiffness that contribute to machine tool performance during machining.



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