Online condition monitoring system

iSee online condition monitoring system

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Example configuration of iSee online monitoring system.  
Powered by latest technology of network, cloud, web server and
industrial standard OPC and Modbus servers, iSee online allows you
to build a custom online monitoring system around your needs.
iSee online software features:
iSee online software is easy to use - yet powerful. Easily build a database of your machines and monitored parameters, know about the alarm status and conduct fault analysis when necessary.  iSee online software consists of 3 modes: Database, Plot and Report mode
Web server (optional)
The optional web server software allows viewing of the archive data across multiple computers and mobile devices.  Unlike the traditional server/client technology, the web server is cost effective and has no limitation on the number of client users, and can be accessed via all platforms- Android, IOS, Windows or Linux.  Simply use your browser to login to view the data.  Additionally, the web server can be installed in a cloud network to view data on the internet – anywhere in the world, yet keeping your factory network secure.
Detection of bearing failure
iSee online employs true-peak detection of high pass filter filtered time waveforms to properly detect this condition.  As damage increases, true-peak values increase. By trending true-peak values and setting correct alarm levels, critical bearings/ gears can be effectively monitored. 3D envelope scanning and envelope spectrums are also used to confirm bearing damage, aiding the proper maintenance of your machines.
VimoNet X1 hardware:

Each VimoNet X1 has two built-in Ethernet ports providing the flexibility to build a centralized or distributed monitoring networks.  Create a wireless network with the addition of a wifi module.  VimoNet x1 also provides an analog overall-level output with either 0-10V or 4-20 mA signal, which can connect to a DCS (distributed control system) or PLC (programmable logic controller).
VimoNet X04 and X08 hardware:
VimoNet X04 and X08 are 4 and 8 channel economical solutions with IEPE power and multiplex sequential circuits where real time monitoring is not required. Complete with bright LED’s (4 or 8) for IEPE status, and showing alarm status for each channel. 


iSee online adopts the concepts and technology of “industry 4.0 smart factory” by continuously monitoring critical machines to prevent costly unscheduled shutdowns.  iSee online manages the installed VimoNet hardware modules by collecting important parameters of rotating machines through cable, optical-fiber or wireless network, while providing instantaneous information of your machines’ condition. There is no limit to the number of users with browser viewable data on Android, IOS or PC Platform. Optionally, OPC and Modbus servers make it possible to share archive data to an enterprise database or DCS system for further data processing/applications.

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