Route based condition monitoring system

iSee route-based Condition Monitoring software

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With the easy-to-use and intuitive user interface, you can learn to use iSee easily in very short time.

Coupled with VP5, MP5 or vPod Pro data collectors, iSee provides you a complete solution for you daily Predictive Maintenance projects.

By using the high frequency spike detection technology and Envelope Spectrum measurements, iSee helps you to find out the bearing faults at its early stage.

It is easy to generate custom reports by some simple steps.  You can select to print out the trend charts or spectrum charts by selecting the options.



iSee software coupled with the VP5, MP5 or vPod Pro data collectors is a powerful solution to the management of your machine's health condition. With iSee, you will easily build up a database for managing the archive data of your machines, so as to prevent from unscheduled shut-down and save on maintenance cost.

iSee is setting the new standard in route collection asset management. With simple to use one-click reports, downloading pre-defined routes, trending, alarm and signal analysis, iSee provides a very effective strategy to your machinery condition monitoring needs.

With iSee, you can monitor the bearing and gear conditions effectively by the measurements of high frequency spike signals. iSee supports fault frequency display on the spectral plots and advanced band alarm analysis which can monitor specified machine problems.

  • Display Fault frequencies on the spectral plots for easy vibration diagnosis
  • Complete database of bearing fault frequencies (optional)
  • Manage alarm settings with alarm category
  • Effective alarm status analysis with both overall and band alarm
  • Automatic Reports with iSee allow you to build a custom report for simple one click reports
  • Trending plots with linked diaplay of corresponding spectral plots.
  • Easy to setup database with templates