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vPod Pro Smart Vibration Meter/Analyzer/Data Collector

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vPod Pro vibration meter measures vibration level, bearing condition and temperature at the same time.  With built-in ISO 10816-3 and bearing alarm levels, vPod Pro displays measured values with alarm status in red, yellow or green background colors.  
Innovatively designed dual output sensor A52-IR (patent pending)
, which can accurately measure vibration signal in the frequency range of 1~8kHz.  Use a high-strength magnetic base for sensor installation, enhancing the transmission and test accuracy of high-frequency signals such as bearings and gears.
In addition, an infrared temperature sensor is arranged under the sensor, and the vibration signal and temperature value of the object can be simultaneously measured through the opening in the center of the magnetic seat.
Overall vibration measurement
The overall vibration level is a basic vibration measurement used to detect low-frequency vibration of rotating equipment.
For example; measure dynamic balance problems with the rotating parts, shaft misalignment, looseness problems and others can be detected by using this method.  
The vPod Pro’s built-in ISO 10816-3 vibration standard displays the vibration severity ​​in green, yellow and red colors, allowing users to see the operation condition of the equipment at a glance. 
Bearing condition detection
The vPod Pro measures the vibration signal in the 1 kHz to 10 kHz bandwidth and implements the "true peak" value when detecting bearing damage.
This superior method detects and tracks the early damage phase of bearing problems.
With a built-in alarm value, vPod Pro will display the bearing measurement data in green, yellow and red background colors, so that the user can easily understand the health condition of the bearing to take necessary maintenance measures.

Bluetooth headset connection 

vPod Pro has a built-in Bluetooth feature that can be connected to Bluetooth headsets.
After each measurement, the user can have the vPod Pro automatically play 2~8 seconds of vibration signal through the Bluetooth headset.
Experienced users can use this auxiliary function to tell whether an equipment is abnormal or not.

Camera function

The vPod Pro built-in camera on the back. It can also be attached to a live shot as a record while storing measurement data.
This photo will be linked to the measurement data and sent back to the PC as an attachment to the data review.

Spectrum analysis function (optional)

In addition to measuring the overall value of vibration, bearing condition and temperature, the spectrum data is also measured at the same time as a diagnostic vibration problem.
The measured spectrum can be selected from 1 kHz bandwidth of 1600 resolution lines or 10 kHz bandwidth of 6400 resolution lines.

Route-based measurement function (optional)
The route capability of the vPod Pro is full featured; providing a large amount of data in a timely manner. 
In the Route mode; basic vibration, bearing condition and temperature are measured, while in the background the raw vibration signal is stored for further data analysis. 
This significant step makes advanced measurement simple because in the iSee computer program, this raw signal is then automatically converted into a time waveform, two sets of spectrum analysis, envelope spectrum, and cepstrum to provide the most complete predictive maintenance monitoring parameters. 
Quickly track problematic measurement points, trend changes, problem diagnosis and generating reports.


Introduction to vPod Pro

- IP65 rated dustproof and waterproof case with anti-drop rubber sleeve;
- Equipped with 3.5-inch color screen for intuitive and easy-to-understand operation interface;
- Built-in 24G flash memory provides sufficient storage space;
- Innovative sensor design allows you to simultaneously measure vibration values, bearing condition and temperature at the same time;
- Optional spectrum analysis function and route-based measurement function for a large amount of data collection.  
- The lens on the back allows you to add a photo taken on-site as a note when storing data. 
- Supports Bluetooth headset connection for listening to the vibration signal
- USB 2.0 and wifi transmission interface to transfer data with a PC.

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Demonstration video on Youtube

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