Portable data collectors and Analyzers

MP5 portable data collector/ Analyzer

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5 inch color touch screen makes it easy and intutive to operate.


♦Two BNC connectors on top for dual channel measurements.  
♦Use the LEMO 4 pin connector to extend the fieldpaq II to a 4 channel analyzer.
♦AUX channel provides signal input and power supply to a Benstone laser tacho sensor.

Simultaneous triaxial measurement saving your working hours in the field. 


MP5 is a portable 4 channel real-time analyzer that is built for route based data collection in the field.  For measurements in harsh environments, MP5 is manufactured with a ruggedized housing by a dual injection molding process and protective sealing to provide an IP65 rating.  

MP5 is equipped with a large 5-inch color (800 x 480 high resolution) touch screen.  The combination of Microsoft's robust WinCE operating system and touch screen operation provides a user friendly and intuitive interface. 

MP5 acquires measurement signal with precision 24 bit sigma delta AD converters to provide a high dynamic range up to 40 kHz maximum bandwidth.   With simultaneous triaxial measurements, it shortens your working hours in the field.  In addition to data collection, MP5 also provides optional balancing, ODS testing and Bump Testing modules for your advanced diagnosis in the factory.