Portable data collectors and Analyzers

VP5 Portable data collector/ analyzer

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Touch screen operation

  • 6.4" color VGA touch screen
  • Operated by either keypads or touch screen


Designed for harsh environments
  • IP65 rated housing
  • CE mark
  • IEC 60068-2-34 vibration test
  • IEC 60068-2-27 shock test

Simultaneous triaxial measurements for data collection

  • VP5 measures triaxial vibration signals, reducing man hours in the field.
Advanced balancing module

VP5's balancing module supports up to 4 plane balancing.
For single or dual plane balncing, you can choose up to 4 measurement points for minimizing vibration levels in different directions and locations.
Locating heavy spot with only one measurement.

VP5's balancing module can record the 1X trace during a coast-down process.
With this information you can locate the heavy spot of your rotor right after the initial vibration measurement, saving balancing time and increase safety.

Bump Test and ODS test modules

Investigate structural resonance with optional Bump Test module.  
Complete modal testing is possible by combining with 3rd party software, like ME'Scope.


VP5 is a 4 channel portable data collector and vibration analyzer powered by Microsoft Windows CE and state-of-the-art DSP technology. The VP5's ruggedized housing design is made from a high tech dual material injection process, consisting of hard ABS plastic (black) and soft TPR plastic (orange). The VP5 also has rubber seals for protection when in extreme weather conditions and harsh environments. Equipped with VGA resolution color touch screen, VP5 brings you a brand new experience with in-field analyzers.

  • Data Collector 
  • Rotor Dynamic Balancing
  • Digital Vector Signal analysis
  • Data Recorder
  • Bump Test
  • ODS test
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